Do You Ever Experience Asthma Forgetfulness?

About a half-hour into sorting through the cards my chest starts to feel tight, and I think, “Darn. I forgot I had asthma again!” Thus, I fell victim to the age-old phenomenon of asthma forgetfulness.

Why do we experience asthma forgetfulness?

I say “we” because I know I am not alone in this. Asthma is sort of a misnamed disease. Asthma, by its old definition, means short, panty breaths, so, that in effect means you are feeling short of breath.

In our modern world, we know that asthma is not a symptom, but rather a disease. It’s a disease where you have a predisposition to getting short of breath when exposed to your asthma triggers. So, asthma is periodic. You have periods of asthma followed by periods of feeling normal. And, the goal of good asthma control is to make these periods of normal last a long time.

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